Next Safari 2 - 5 November 2017

Next Safari 2 - 5 November 2017


The rugged Tugela and Buffalo River Valleys are typical Zululand bushveld. The activities of the commercial farmers and rural communities who live here have created an endless network of natural trails interspersed between dirt roads. These are ideal for adventure mountain biking.

The Bike & Battle area straddles the Buffalo River around the iconic sites of Isandlwana, Fugitive's Drift and Rorke's Drift so that each day there can be rides that takes in one of these and the many other icons in the area. Each ride ends at an icon where there will be an fascinating talk on the history over lunch before the participants return to the village to relax.

As can be expected in the spirit of the Bike & Battle, the trails are from a little dirt road, to double track, to single track. As most of these trails are naturally sculpted by use, they are sometimes smooth and sometimes not, providing a variety of natural challenges and obstacles.





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